Hello Friends! 

Let’s chat. I must start with a big THANK YOU! Thank you all for following along with all the happenings at “The Shops” during the last few months. Phew, our retail, restaurant, and salon tenants have been through a lot! And, there may be more bumps ahead. How can you help? Stroll “The Shops”, dine in our restaurants, and shop local in-store. Follow our locally owned stores like In Chic Shoenique, Caren & Company, and Delaney’s Market on social media. Even a few of our national stores, like Fleet Feet and Ann Taylor, are on Facebook and Instagram. They would love to have you follow along with them online.

We have seen many new faces and bunches of our regulars strolling “The Shops” this summer. And for that, we are forever grateful! If you haven’t done so already, make a stop at The Longmeadow Shops on a Tuesday afternoon/evening for an ice cream from the Batch Ice Cream Truck or on Thursday afternoon to meander around the Farmers Market.

“How wonderful the color yellow is. It stands for the sun.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Yellow outfit from In Chic Shoenique

In Chic Shoenique

Over the next few weeks, we are going to give you a virtual stroll around The Longmeadow Shops in a paint by number sort of way. The first color we are featuring is yellow. During the fall transition time frame, you will see a lot of yellow (marigold, goldenrod, wheat) toned items in-store. Women’s clothing, men’s clothing, accessories, it’s everywhere.  This happy color has been used to add a little pop to a stripe or plaid pattern, or as a solid to create a statement piece. We strolled “The Shops” and picked out a few favorites (see below). There is more to discover, so stopover. Our stores are doing an excellent job of keeping things safe for customers. Treat yourself to an afternoon out! We can’t wait to see you at “The Shops”!

~ Melissa Pevay

Marketing Manager

Longmeadow Shops