Spa Skincare Products vs Drug Store Skin Care By Oksana Salon & Spa

We always hear spa products are “too expensive”! It’s ok.  I hear the same thing about Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Restoration Hardware. It doesn’t upset me at all to hear Spa products are too expensive, to me that just means I represent something AMAZING! But, let’s talk about spa product cost vs. drug store product cost.

Oksana Salon and Spa

Oksana Salon and Spa

We’ve all stood at the checkout counter at chain stores and have seen the individually wrapped masks with cute packaging for $2.50 a mask and thought “This is cheap, I’ll give it a try.” Right?  You’ve probably picked one up? It’s ok if you have, everyone has bought one, after all, it’s only $2.50! What did it do for your skin? Did you notice any results? NO, be honest, you didn’t!  Why? Because of a lack of consistency.

Using something once usually does not change anything. Just like if you go to the gym one time, you don’t see new toning and muscle that night. If you start a diet today the odds are you won’t see results for at least a week. We live in a world that has trained us to believe that instant gratification is possible always. In the end, we know that is not always the case. 

Now let’s take this a bit further, say you use this twice a day for a year, you might see “some” results. However, the cost would add up to $1,825.00. And, that is only one mask! No cleanser, toner, eye cream, night cream, day cream or sunscreen. Most of all it may not be clinically tested! There may be no known ingredients that are proven to improve your skin. It really is a mask, it’s “masking” the problem. A one size fits all. Everyone is unique and we each need our own individual skin regimen.

Now let’s get to the good stuff and talk about spa skincare.

Babor Skincare

Babor Skincare

First and foremost spa skin care has been clinically tested not only for its performance but to also make sure it is safe to use on the skin. Let’s debunk the whole “too expensive” theory. Spa products are highly effective and result driven which in turn requires less usage of the product, therefore, they last LONGER! They also penetrate directly into the skin so there is no waste of the product sitting on top of the skin. Sitting on top of the skin does NOTHING but wash or wear off.

Spa skincare is NOT a one size fits all because each individual’s skin requires an individual evaluation and product recommendation. Also, your skin may need a different regimen for each different season.

Go on and buy that cute mask as a little treat! We have all done it. Just remember,  in order for a mask to work properly the skin must first be cleansed with a professional cleanser to remove the dirt and debris without being abrasive and removing the skins natural oils. Your daily ritual SHOULD consist of a cleanser, toner, eye cream, and day cream. But most of all CONSISTENCY!

Want to Learn More?

Give yourself some “me” time and make an appointment with our esthetician. It is a great way to kick start a new skincare routine. And, for less than $1,825.00 we could set you up with your cleanser, toner, eye cream and day cream for a year!


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